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KU Leuven


Nigel Jooren, Joost Robignon, Maaike Cauwels, Daniel Poleac


RAU - Omgeving - ELD - Deerns - Studio Roma - Traject




19.500 m²

The Redingensite is located at a pivotal point where different structures and activities come together: large and small city structures, historical heritage elements and more recent urban development, education and research, water and urban park elements. This project is a search for a fascinating balance between semi-public and public programmatic infrastructural elements imbedded in the green-blue system of Leuven.

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The structure map provides a fixed framework for the development of the buildings within landscape pockets that integrate in the various layers in an adaptive and sustainable way.


structuurschets_Page_2_txt.jpg structuurschets_Page_7_txt.jpg structuurschets_Page_5_txt.jpg structuurschets_Page_4_txt.jpg structuurschets_Page_3_txt.jpg structuurschets_Page_6_txt.jpg

In terms of grain and layout, the building volumes fit in perfectly in the city structure and its historical context. This way, generous green spaces are being preserved. Each of these large green rooms has its own identity and together they form a stepping stone to the green intersection of the city, while conserving all the existing valuable trees.


By integrating a slow east-west connection, the campus focuses as much as possible on sustainable mobility. Because this axis is located fairly to the north, the campus itself can be fully organized around a quiet inner area with a semi-public character.

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Building in a sustainable way: embracing circularity, energy efficiency and water management within a concept of well thought out architecture. The team suggests that the building is designed as a "material warehouse", which means that all the building components can be replaced separately without leading to extra demolition work or degradation of other construction parts or components.

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