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Oostduinkerke Belgium


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Lies Willaert, Eddy Soete


Structural Engineer: Jan Versieck
Photography: Tom Janssens


Completed - 2013


size: 230m² / site area: 1270m²

In 1960 Peter Callebout designed House Hendricks, a single family house in Oostduinkerke. Fifty years later, House Hendricks went through a major renovation, including a replacement of the windows, making the house wheelchair accessible, a renovation of the covered outdoor gallery, and a restoration of the walls. The challange was to expand the home, isolate and fully renovate, without losing Callebout’s stamp. Renovating the work of a master like Peter Callebout is no evidence.

Peter Callebout as Belgian architect and designer is known for his rational, region architecture, with roots in the Norwegian and Japanese architecture. OYO renovated the house with the utmost respect for the original concept in combination with the wishes of the owners.

oyo_chve_Tom Janssens_06d.jpg

What stood out in the first place was the spatial simplicity Peter Callebout had created here.


DSC_0204_.jpg DSC_0201_.jpg

oyo_chve_Tom Janssens_09.jpg

floorplan OYO - floorplan Callebout:
OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-07.jpg OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-08.jpg

oyo_chve_Tom Janssens_07.jpg

oyo_chve_Tom Janssens_01.jpg

The first time I came here, it felt like home. The house had a soul and was wonderful situated in the nature. It had a holiday atmosphere. From the moment you stepped in the house you immediately saw the nature, you didn’t looked inside the house, but you looked back to the nature where you came from. That feeling i wanted to preserve.


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OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-02.jpg OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-06.jpg OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-04.jpg

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OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-05.jpg OYO_ChVe_publication_crop-03.jpg

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