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Nigel Jooren, Ferran Massip, Michela Mattioni, Elena Tarilonte, Adam Siemaszkiewicz, Margarita Savova


Competition idea - 2015


3 504 m2

The Bauhaus members experienced Dessau in 1925 as a “force field of modernism” as well as a place of political, technological and cultural innovations unprecedented in the Weimar Republic. Here the school built a house, built a bridge to industry and eventually shaped a community. The attempt to develop a new everyday culture and spaces can be reinterpreted and is an ongoing challenge of today’s constantly evolving society. Especially today it is more important than ever to try to combine the demands of design with the demands of society and find an urban development and architectural language to capture those moments in time into a physical place where different user groups can plug in and out easily. The new museum should be the actualization of the Bauhaus ideas creating a place that is at the same time very attractive and vibrant in experience, connecting the different user groups with this new museum conceived as a place of aesthetic education and cultural production, as lively contribution to the urban culture of Dessau-Roßlau.


The Museum enhances the relation between the park and the city by creating a set of different spaces and implementing the use of outdoor activities.

Nigel Jooren







We conceptualize to integrate the museum garden as a continuation of the park, being implemented within the paths that connect with the main axis resulting in creating to opportunity to host the interior activities being extended to the outdoor landscape.

We perceive the museum garden not a designated space with clear boundaries but emphasize a better adaptable and flexible approach on how the outdoor exhibition space work and relate. The new museum offers the possibility to redefine and interpret the ambivalent urban space with its diverging edges.


The Bauhaus eventually shaped not only a school but a whole community. It is in the ambition of the new museum to evoke not less.


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