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Heist-op-den-Berg Belgium


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Vlaamse Bouwmeester


Nigel Jooren, Joost Robignon, Maaike Cauwels, Varvara Oikonomou


PTArchitecten, Rebel Group


Development strategy


3000 m²

The development strategy for the administrative centre of Heist-op-den-Berg is set up within a sustainable vision for the future taking into account its financial viability, heritage and internal organisation. In concrete terms, the specific municipal programme is elaborated as an urban living room and united with social meeting places and the city park.

The municipal services are brought together on the project site and create a new centrality for Heist-op-den-Berg. In this way, the town centre will be spanned between three nodes: the cultural hub, the historical hub and the new administrative centre.


We focus on 6 spatial outlines for the site. They form a framework with flexibility, but at the same time provide a structure for the development of the entire project.

20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-01_txt.jpg 20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-02_txt.jpg 20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-03_txt.jpg 20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-05_txt.jpg 20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-04_txt.jpg 20191002_abstract diagrams new_vaoi-06_txt.jpg

The service centre sets the tone in Heist-op-den-Berg because of its form and programme. The new development makes it a place to work, meet and experience.

20191001_concepts Dienstenkwartier-01-1-txt.jpg 20191001_concepts Dienstenkwartier-01-2-txt.jpg 20191001_concepts Dienstenkwartier-01-3-txt.jpg 20191001_concepts Dienstenkwartier-01-4-txt.jpg 20191001_concepts Dienstenkwartier-01-5-txt.jpg

In our vision, a sustainable project is not only an efficiently designed energy friendly building, but the focus should also be on the social sustainability, comfort and health of its users. The experiential value in this project is enhanced by an attractive design, the direct connection with the butterfly garden and other facilities that promote social interaction.

OO3709_HeistopdenBerg_Team A_OYO-PTA-REBEL_isometrie Vlindersite.png 20191004_Isometric sustainability_vaoi-01.jpg

OO3709_HeistopdenBerg_ Team A_OYO-PTA-REBEL_beeld Dienstenkwartier.png

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