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  • House Gepo

    This private residence is conceived as a place without boundaries: the garden is the living room, the small lake the bathroom. Nature thrives in this low budget home that sticks perfectly to the basic idea of living, functioning very open minded. Every room in this house is connected and ready to absorb the creativity of its residents.

  • House Lico

    House Lico is founded upon an amazing plot of land that’s rich in nature with incredible views. Having bought the plot, our client’s brief to us was for a large home (185m²) that was also “modest in design, and celebrates the land”. This seeming paradox of scale and modesty provided an interesting design challenge.

  • Football stadium

    Before OYO was invited to pitch for this project, the ‘park’ did not exist - it was a site with most of the sporting areas completely closed off to the public. We thought about how we could redesign the site to engage a wider variety of groups with sport and exercise, from spectators to clubs to casual play and fitness. This would involve creating an open park, with three buildings - gym hall, soccer building and hockey club – all refurbished, open and connected to each other.

  • House GEPO featured on Archdaily

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