Expo HORIZON 8300

HORIZON 8300 "Knokke-Heist is building"

The fourth edition of the exhibition Horizon 8300, "Knokke-Heist is building" shows a glimpse of the future of Knokke-Heist. This exhibition focuses on five areas that are currently in development. They shape the future and determine our environment and quality of life.

On sunday 16/10 there was the opening of the Horizon 8300 exhibition in Knokke where our design of the sportspark where you could sneakpeak at our model and imagery for the new project. It reveals the future of the Olivier Sportspark 3.0

Take a look at our full design proposal here.


IMG_4822.jpg IMG_4833.jpg IMG_4838.jpg IMG_4839.jpg IMG_4826.JPG IMG_4846.jpg IMG_4841.jpg IMG_4829.jpg
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