House pibo spotted on Dezeen!

House pibo is seen on DeZeen! DeZeen is one of the world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazines, and the winner of numerous awards for journalism and publishing.

See more photos at the House pibo project-page on our website.

And take a look again at our previous DeZeen publication of House wiva; a monolithic concrete house extension.


The balance of light and material use like stone, wood and white surfaces are the defining elements that bring everything together.

OYO Architects

oyo-maldegem-photo-cafeine-be-3953_FRONT.jpg oyo-maldegem-photo-cafeine-be-3970.jpg oyo-maldegem-photo-cafeine-be-3342.jpg oyo-maldegem-photo-cafeine-be-3956.jpg oyo-maldegem-photo-cafeine-be-3988.jpg

OYO_house pibo_publication_08.jpg

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