Finalist for a new campus in Kortrijk.

Second prize-winning proposal!

This OYO story takes you all the way back to april when we were notified of our prequalification to design a new campus building for Howest in Kortrijk. Together with Arch&Teco we accepted the challenge to compete against nine other well-established offices. We put a lot of love into this one and are proud to present to you our second prize-winning proposal!

We envision this new campus as an interactive field where we catch the classrooms in the middle; conceived as areas of focus. This field contains lecture rooms, informal meeting spaces, restaurant, bar, shop and lounge areas, all wrapped around the area of focus; connecting the park all the way up to the roof garden where students, teachers, alumni, companies and neighbors are invited to shop and exchange knowledge.

Watch the full design proposal here.

s-summer.jpg s-market.jpg roof.jpg s-loop.jpg

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